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Patrick Byers (Cante Luta): Home

"A sparkle in the eye, a burning warmth in the heart, a kiss on the cheek of life ~ and a multitude of notes, woven into a gorgeous musical quilt and tossed out into the ether of eternity....This is our Patrick." ~ Olegna Fuschi


Patrick passed away at 11:30 P.M. on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at the age of 59. This website will remain indefinitely as a lasting tribute to my former classmate and dear friend. Patrick and I have worked diligently on this website for two years. He has approved all of its content. For the sake of journalistic integrity and out of respect for my friend and client it will not be altered. My prayers and thoughts are with his family.

Hopefully Patrick's children and grandchildren will find comfort from positive reflections on his contributions to music and their lives. I will continue publishing his letters to the remainder of his children and his reflections on music and his life. We exchanged literally hundreds of emails over the years. He still has much to say as a composer and a man. Please visit the "Blog" and "Guestbook" pages to express condolences. All entries will not immediately appear until they have been reviewed and approved.   -Larry B. Binns


- Family Request: 2007 Steinway Hall Performance -

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"Your legacy, dear friend, will not be defined by your present plight, rather by the music that emanates from your heart. Those who have had the privilege of knowing you, your loyal friends, mourn that you have endured trials and anger of heart in recent years. Nevertheless, we rejoice that your musical genius and character triumphs despite your present ordeal.

I shared with another close friend your letter to me, some months ago, regarding the performance of your compositions. He was impressed by your utter humility and sincere unpretentiousness. Your music is a reflection of 'the composer and the man', that I have been privileged to be a classmate, acquaintance, and friend to for nearly forty years.

This website is dedicated to our mutual love for the craft of music composition and memorializes your personal contributions, sacrifice, and devotion to maintaining the integrity of the creative act of producing music in it's most lofty element and art form, classical music. I have made such a dedication to only one other living composer, Harold Blanchard, whom I also have the greatest respect and admiration. May your legacy endure!" - Larry Brian Binns


In Memoriam:


February 9, 1993 - February 1, 2011

Excerpts from Colin's Life:


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However, technology and website design is constantly evolving, Soon, the autostart flash player will be discontinued and replaced with a "widget" that you can start and stop. The website itself will ultimately take on a more modernized look as well. The flash player is being discontinued for the following technological reasons, and is not my choice:

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Keep in mind, the streaming of Patrick's music and commentaries will still be available via the widget which will be located near the navigation buttons.

-Larry B. Binns